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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Things we're supposed to be "scared" of

In the wake of the terror arrests in Southern Ontario, a theme we've been hearing from some quarters on the left is that we shouldn't be "scared" of the terrorist threat to Canada. I don't think we should be scared either. However, I find it interesting what some people want us to be scared of compared to what they go out of their way to tell us what we shouldn't be scared of.

What they want us to be scared of:

- Canada turning into a gulag because of security certificates

- Gitmo

- Global warming

- Stephen Harper

- George Bush

- Tax cuts

- Private health care

What they go out of their way to tell us we shouldn't be scared of:

- Terrorists, including homegrown terrorists and bin Laden

Now, why should the first list be "scarier" to Canadians than the second list?

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