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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Polite company won't solve Israel's problems

I read this insightful article by Mark Steyn right after watching four talking heads on the McLaughlin Group essentially commit the same sin upon which Steyn was shedding some light.

You'll hear a lot of talk from Western elites in the next few days about how Israel should talk, pull back, exchange prisoners, give disputed land to Lebanon, etc, etc, etc...

Polite company will always find ways to suggest how someone else should make nice with mortal enemies. Good thing Israel has a history of doing what polite company has a hard time comprehending is necessary for survival.

The one reservation I have about Israel's current actions was expressed by Pat Buchanan, one of the talking heads I mentioned above. His point was this: if Israel couldn't pacify Hezbollah while occupying southern Lebanon for years, what makes it think it can do so now?

It's a good question. I think the answer lies somewhere in the fact that Hezbollah now has the ability to launch rockets increasingly deeper into Israel. Unless the threat is dealt with, it might not be too long before all of Israel has a bullseye on it. That's something I don't think polite company will ever understand.

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