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Sunday, August 27, 2006



Michael Ignatieff
This is a fascinating look into the life of a man who wants to be prime minister of Canada.

I don't know how balanced the piece from Valpy is. I suppose only time will tell.

However, my impression of Ignatieff after I read the 13,000 word feature on the man?

Although he's an elitist, he's often rebelled against that very same elitism. I still don't think he's rebelled enough to find the common touch, but he's talented enough of a man to give it a shot.

As an aside, I believe Ignatieff is the only prominent Liberal leadership hopeful who is serious about doing things differently. It's certainly been his history. However, it's also been the reason why he has alienated associates in the past.

Also, I still don't know what qualifies him to be PM, except that he has shown versatility throughout his life. Is that enough? I wouldn't think so, but you never know.

UPDATE (Tue. Aug. 29, 1:26 pm): Another thing about Iggy. Sure, he has received a lot of support from prominent Liberals. Yet, much of this appears to be to be of a default nature. He's the guy, so he's being supported. I have yet to see evidence that Ignatieff is winning people over. I have yet to see evidence that he is a leader of men. He'll need that to win the leadership and take on Harper.

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