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Saturday, August 26, 2006


The real war on terror: Baghdad

While others in the Canadian blogosphere are debating the extent to which Jason Kenney is a distraction from Liberal divisions on Hezbollah, I thought an update on some real battles in the war on terror might be a more productive use of this blog space.

More specifically, there is something happening on that war's most important battlefield in Iraq. They're trying to clean up Baghdad, which has been the last bastion for horrific violence in that war-torn country.

There are two reason why I think the new effort is having some initial success.

One is that this previously skeptical reporter (to say the least) likes what he sees so far.

Another reason for my very reserved optimism is Google News. I routinely receive email updates from them about Iraq. I know things are momentarily getting better when the items in the update are not about violent attacks but about the politics of Iraq. When that happens, the terrorists aren't making the news. And, right now, the terrorists aren't making the news in Baghdad.

This might be the most crucial battle in the war in Iraq. If they can restore security to the city of Baghdad, then maybe the good guys will finally pull this one out in the end. Let's hope.

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