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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Someone goes after rookie Ignatieff – finally

I completely agree with Scott Brison's depiction of Michael Ignatieff as a rookie who's not yet ready for prime time. Although Brison isn't exactly the poster boy for how it's supposed to be done in politics, he's the only leadership hopeful who has seized the opportunity to tell it like it is about the consensus front-runner. You simply cannot be the leader of a national political party, let alone become prime minster, if you can't handle a basic interview with a journalist. Yet, seemingly week after week — just like Brison says — Ignatieff manages to make himself the news rather than the message he's trying to convey.

It's about time one of the challenging candidates started asking about the emperor's clothes. Unless Ignatieff gets a wardrobe — and fast — a lot more people will start to openly gawk at just how exposed the wondrous one is.

UPDATE (1:57 am): Somebody who must be sitting back and enjoying what the leadership hopefuls are putting themselves through this summer: Belinda Stronach.

UPDATE (3:48 pm): Just in case you thought Iggy was getting things straightened out on the communications front, he goes and suggests that Quebec separation could lead to "civil war." In Canada. On our streets. With guns. We're not making this up.

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