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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Are Liberals being yanked by the chain?

Just a couple of days before Liberals across the country are to choose the delegates they will send to their leadership convention in December, a memo pops up telling them who Conservatives want to face in an election. Well, isn't that special?

From the Toronto Star article:

[Conservative campaign chief Doug Finley] declined to comment last night. A spokesperson told the Star "he is absolutely clear he has had no change of heart on the contents (of the memo) or on strategy. It's as true today as when he wrote it."
So, the memo was written some time ago, yet it manages to make headline news only days before the delegate selection meetings are about to get under way. Not only that, but the Conservatives want to make sure to tell everybody that they still stand by what the memo says.

No doubt many Liberals, especially Ignatieff supporters, will try to take this memo and run with it.

If I were a Liberal, I know I'd ask myself why Conservatives would publicly stand by this memo at a time that is so crucial to the complexion of the Liberal leadership race. I'd also be asking if my chain was being yanked. Just asking, of course.

Cyber, I think you're right about this as you've been about much else in this campaign.

Are you sure you aren't really one of us after all?



Well, based on your comments on other blogs, I think you're a Rae kind of guy. I don't think you want me to start talking about his prospects as leader. There's your answer.;)

a) I actually try to be non-partisan, which is why I belong to the alliance of non-partisan Canadians. I don't want to be a hack for any one party, even though my personal views are rather obvious and have me leaning a certain direction much of the time.

b) I'm a political junkie. My interest in these things goes beyond partisan calculation.

And Liberals tend to do these things better than anyone else. Heck, all the Cons had to offer for excitement was Tie Domi's raison de divorce


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