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Saturday, September 09, 2006


Canadian Arab leader distributes 'Jews as bloodsuckers' e-mail

According to the Toronto Sun's Michael Coren, the president of the Canadian Arab Federation, Khaled Mouammer (update: "Mouammar" appears to be the correct spelling), distributed an e-mail depicting Jews as "bloodsuckers."

Read it for yourself:

"The modern Israeli Jew is no doubt a modern man, he doesn't follow the bible, he doesn't practice Judaism, he dumped God a long time ago but bizarrely enough, he still chops his male baby's foreskin when this infant is just eight days old. The modern Israeli is circumcising his son, he mutilates his son's young body following a primitive tribal blood ritual, he lets a rabbi ... injure his newborn baby and then he watches the very same rabbi to suck the blood from his newly born son's penis. Evidently, the modern secular Jew may have managed to assimilate but failed in merging into humanity. He is still an active participant in an ancient tribal bloodsucking ritual."

The writer continues: "I am not an anthropologist, I cannot determine whether it is exactly the bloodsucking culture that turned Buber, Haber, Sharon, Peretz, Wolfowitz and Kissinger into mass bloodsuckers. But I do know that in my road in London, there are no participants in any ancient blood rituals. Somehow, it feels very safe.

"I think to myself that it is rather possible that once we enforce or at least convince Israelis and modern Jews to stop celebrating their bizarre rituals they may learn to love their neighbours almost as much as they love themselves. By the time this happens the cultural clash between Jewishness and humanity may be resolved."

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