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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Jack Layton, Mind Snatcher

What Angry has so nicely revealed on his blog is really the culmination of an attitude Jack Layton has had on Afghanistan that I was finding hard to stomach as well. Essentially, the NDP leader seemed to know better than Hamid Karzai what Hamid Karzai's positions on his own country were.

As Janke points out, this tactic of using selective quotes in order to suggest that someone holds a position that is the exact opposite of the position they actually hold is both disingenuous and dishonest. That's right, it's a lie. (Getting to be a bit of a trend on the left, I might add)

So, you have Jack Layton not only adopting an absolutely indefensible position of cutting and running in Afghanistan, you have Jack Layton resorting to putting ideas and thoughts into Hamid Karzai's mind that don't even exist. He's trying to snatch Karzai's mind away from the man in order to bolster his own inexcusable policy representing the views of increasingly marginalized political party. Not only is it pathetic, it's a lie.

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