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Friday, September 22, 2006


Paul Martin is AWOL from Karzai speech

As were a number of other Liberal MPs, according to CTV reporter David Akin (hat tip to SDA). I have to say, I share Kate's Damian's disgust with Paul Martin's failure to show up at this event. He created this mission in Afghanistan. The least he and other Liberals MPs could do is sit down and listen to why the mission they started is so important to the leader of the country where our men and women are sacrificing their lives.

We also have news of a prominent Liberal blogger now changing his position on Afghanistan yet again and suggesting we should never have extended the mission to begin with.

To see Liberals play around with such important issues suggests to me that they are untrustworthy on matters dealing with national security or the lives of our fighting men and women. I find it quite shameful, actually, and find it that much more unbelievable that that party will ever change the way it does politics, unfortunately.

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