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Friday, September 08, 2006


Radio-Canada reporter punished for backing war in Afghanistan

Christine St-Pierre
(Hat Tip: Hot Air) Christine St-Pierre was suspended from her job as a reporter with Radio-Canada for openly showing support for the troops and mission in Afghanistan. She wrote an open letter to our soldiers expressing solidarity with them in their fight against the insurgency led by the Taliban.

Many conservatives will go ape over this news. However, the issue is not a simple one. She decided to stop being a reporter and start being an advocate.

I suppose one can argue that reporters act as advocates all the time. However, when you do it as openly as she did, it does open you up to criticisms over being able to cover the news objectively.

Can a reporter with openly expressed opinions cover the news straight? I still think so. But it's against the policy of Radio-Canada, and she seems to accept the consequences of breaking that policy.

I also suspect that it might make her into a bit of a martyr, actually, and can only help support for the war in the province of Quebec. Just a guess.

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