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Monday, September 25, 2006


Speaking of the McGuinty agenda

Things are going so well for the Ontario Liberal government that one of its top cheerleaders, Warren Kinsella, felt it necessary to say this about opponents who left office almost three years ago:

You will recall, naturally, that the Regressive Convertibles chewed up everything else when they were in power. The social fabric, the economy, ethics, accountable government, etc.
Funny, but Mr. Kinsella doesn't have anything but great things to say about the same time period when it comes to the Chretien government at the federal level.

So, the economic engine of Canada was rotten during the Harris years, but terrific during the Chretien years, even though both happened at roughly the same time.

Gotta love the kind of logic that at least doesn't bore you to death, like the normal kind of logic usually does, eh?

UPDATE (10:31 pm): Oh, and how could I forget? I suppose it takes some of that amusing logic to look at the number of scandals during the period, including one of the worst in Canadian history, and conclude that the Ontario government was guilty of horrible accountability and ethics. Amusing logic indeed.

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