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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Soldiers "all loathe New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton"

"They all loathe New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton."

That's what Charlie Company, a Canadian unit fighting in Afghanistan, had to say about the man whose motto towards the war has become "Support the Troops, Bring Them Home."

Here we go again with leftists like Layton knowing better than the troops what's better for the troops.

Next time Jack says he supports the troops, maybe someone should ask him if he's actually asked the troops themselves.

I repeat, "They all loathe New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton."


UPDATE (10:15 am): I wonder what the troops think of former prime minister Paul Martin, who sent them to Kandahar in the first place, but didn't even bother to show up for both a vote to extend the mission and a speech given by Afghan president Hamid Karzai — both occurring in Canadian Parliament. I wonder if Toronto Star reporter Mitch Potter even bothered to ask them. For that matter, why wouldn't he have asked them their thoughts on our current prime minister, Stephen Harper?

I'm not surprised.

These are fighting men, and Jack Layton is a pussy-assed little panty waste.


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