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Sunday, October 01, 2006


And he's coming on strong....

Don't look now, but Kennedy is coming on strong as we head down the stretch on Liberal Super Weekend. He's on the verge of overtaking Iggy in Ontario! Too bad his absolutely miserable performance in Quebec, receiving support from only 1% of the delegates in the province so far, probably takes him out of any serious consideration as leader. Oh well, what could have been.

UPDATE (7:29 pm): And he's taken the lead in Ontario! Can he hold on? Will it be a photo finish?

UPDATE (Oct. 2, 7:22 pm): I've been waiting for the final results to come in to write a conclusive update on this. Yet those numbers don't seem to be forthcoming any time soon. So, I guess I'll have to satisfy myself with the idea that Kennedy probably wasn't able to pull it off. But he did finish an impressive second. Too bad he stunk the joint in Quebec, though.

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