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Monday, October 02, 2006


Gerard Kennedy: Chutzpah

Get a load of what Gerard Kennedy had to say about Bob Rae's performance in Ontario:
Mr. Kennedy's campaign is now expected to take aim at Mr. Rae, arguing that the former Ontario premier's weak results in his native province show that he could not win the key battleground for the Liberals in an election.

“I'm sure Mr. Rae will have his explanation for that,” Mr. Kennedy said of the Ontario results. “From my standpoint, everywhere I've been able to get known, I've been able to get good support.”

Gerard Kennedy, you got LESS THAN 2% SUPPORT IN QUEBEC! How in the world can you criticize anyone else's performance in any other province?

This should also serve as further evidence that the three candidates who are now acting as challengers to Iggy aren't really providing much of a challenge right now. If that doesn't change, then it's hard to see how anyone but Ignatieff wins this thing.

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