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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Harper dedices to lob "anti-Israel" grenade on Libs

Stephen Harper probably doesn't actually believe that all the Liberal leadership hopefuls are anti-Israel. Yet he knows that the divisions within that party are significant enough that a continued offensive on his part can reap further political advantage. That's why he decided to launch this latest attack on the Liberal leadership race. It doesn't matter what the Liberal party says in defence, Liberal Jews will listen to Harper's attacks on their party regarding Israel. It's a political grenade Harper couldn't resist throwing, and it was Iggy's callous remarks about Israel that gave Harper an opening far too glaring to ignore.

This should also serve as a reminder that Harper doesn't make it up on the fly. He chose this strategy early, has stuck with it, and will probably keep getting mileage out of it.

UPDATE (1:42 pm): I'm watching a clip of the event where Harper made his comments. He said something else that you'll probably hear more of soon. He started to chastise the opposition for delaying the passage of bills his government has already tabled. Harper says these bills keep getting tabled, but they're not getting passed. It sure sets the foundation for a reason to have an election eventually, doesn't it?

I'm having a great time watching Rae pop a blood vessel!! I fear he protests to much, one little sentence by our PM makes all the Liberals go ballistic?? Hummm, I think PMSH hit the jackpot, with one little sentence. Rae also better watch what he says because he was very close to slander. Why is it that Liberals think they can say anything they want, but Conservatives can't??


I have to agree with you that there's this sense among Liberals that you can't criticize them on anything, but they're allowed to throw all kinds of accusations against you.

Liberals are masters at demonizing political opponents, yet Harper can't criticize them on their stance towards Israel?

I think you're right. They doth protest too much, especially against Harper, while turning a blind eye to Iggy's Israel-baiting.


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