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Sometimes one has to step back, take pause, and have some "second thots"

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Iggy tactic #17183

- Make a boneheaded remark.

- Justify the boneheaded remark by saying you "tell it like it is."

- Explain the boneheaded remark in ways only you can understand.

- Leave others scratching their heads about what it is that you're actually saying.

- Keep telling people you're "telling it like it is."

- Assume that those who still don't understand you are boneheads not worthy of your presence.

- Keep making boneheaded remarks that somehow only you can explain and nobody else can, but keep telling everyone you're just "telling it like it is."

- Keep telling people this is why you're ready to win an election tomorrow.

- Do it all with a straight face.

UPDATE (12:21 pm): By the way, that a politician receives as much attention as Iggy does can't be a good thing. At some point, you become a spectacle. He might already be there.

UPDATE (12:40 pm): Oh, and when everything on the above list fails, just throw some mud at your chief rival. That oughta do it.

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