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Sunday, October 08, 2006


Ministry of Health....... Promotion?

I was reading Linda Diebel's piece on Gerard Kennedy today, which led me to Ian Urquhart's piece on Kennedy written a couple of weeks ago. Urquhart's article listed one of the Ontario MPPs endorsing Kennedy as Jim Watson, Minister of Health Promotion.

The federal government just announced $1 billion in cuts to programs like educating aboriginals about smoking or using government money to sue the government. I call them bizarro programs because they're what left-wingers set up to try and solve every single problem imaginable. They also serve to increase the government's control over our lives.

Well, this Ministry of Health Promotion in Ontario smells like another one of these left-wing bizarro programs. Never mind that we already have a Ministry of Health. Now we need a Ministry of Health Promotion. Our tax dollars at work, brought to you by the left-wing of Canada. Isn't that special?

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