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Saturday, October 07, 2006


Scolding Liberals for hypocrisy on Charter rights

Wow! Just as I scold Steve Paikin for questioning the role of religious people in politics, David Asper comes along and writes a terrific defence of religious rights in today's National Post. Asper rightfully defends the Charter right of all Canadians to freedom of religion in this great democracy of ours. Asper also rightfully blasts Liberal leader Bill Graham for attacking people's Charter rights in this regard while wrapping himself up in the Charter while he's doing it. It's left-wing hypocrisy of the highest order and has no place in Canada.

Indeed, as Paikin and Bill Graham have exposed, we as a society need to be much more mature about the way we discuss religion and politics. I think David Asper just advanced that cause somewhat with his thoughts on the matter today.

I should also note that it was Conrad Black who last week wrote a thoughtful piece on radical Islam in the National Post, too. The Post has moderated its views since Black sold the paper. Yet I still believe it's a crucial voice of dissent in a sea of Canadian progressivism that doesn't seem to like the competition of ideas so much. Tough.

One more thing. I'd love it if some evangelical Christians out there started to fight back and use the Charter and hate speech laws against Liberals like Graham. Don't get me wrong. I believe in fighting speech with speech. But it's Liberals like Graham who don't. The poetic justice would be sweet, methinks.

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