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Friday, October 06, 2006


Today's Media Watch

Does Steve Paikin have a problem with people of faith in politics?
Steve Paikin just asked one of the silliest questions I've heard in a long time. His guest on tonight's airing of The Agenda was recently selected leader of the Green party, Elizabeth May. Paraphrasing somewhat, this is what he asked her (my comments in square brackets):

Many Canadians have a problem with religion and politics [maybe lefties like you, Steve]. If many of these Canadians have a problem with the influence of religion in the Conservative party [Hey, that's not a leading question, is it?], why wouldn't they have a problem with the influence of religion on you, given that you attend church regularly and even teach Sunday school? Shouldn't Canadians be wary of people having religion influence their politics in general, and with you specifically?

Oh man. Last time I checked, this country is both a democracy and a place where freedom of religion is a fundamental right. That some people who get elected choose to have faith inspire their politics shouldn't be a source of concern, Mr. Paikin. It's the way our treasured democracy works, pal.

Now, if the defence is that Paikin is just asking a question, I don't buy it. How one frames a question can say as much about a journalist's own views as any editorial could. Paikin didn't qualify the premise of his question in any way. He just assumed many Canadians are and should be skeptical of religious people in politics.

No media bias? Whatever. And we're paying Paikin's salary, too, given he works for a public broadcaster. Mixing leftism and journalism, Stevey? Tsk tsk.

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