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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Bob Rae ain't in the clear yet

The old Bob Rae
There's a political phenomenon that appears to be in the process of repeating itself via the Liberal leadership race. Specifically, observers are starting to conclude that Bob Rae has "lost his baggage" from his days of being premier of the province of Ontario.

The political phenomenon I'm talking about is the one where the crucible of an internal leadership race is used as a prism to forecast general electoral prospects. Almost inevitably, such a prism distorts one's views. Yet it doesn't appear to prevent anyone from using it over and over and over again, however inaccurately.

While Liberal delegates might be convinced that Bob Rae's record as premier doesn't matter that much any more, you can bet that Stephen Harper will remind Canadians why it matters. After all, if a politician can't run on his record, just what in the world can he run on?

So, while Liberals and the media might be starting to forget the Bob Rae we all once knew, you can be sure that, if he does become Liberal leader, the general public will be reminded — over and over and over again.

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