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Friday, November 03, 2006


Can you win high office by hiding? Probably not.

Nancy Pelosi (right) has been reluctant to step up to the podium during the final stretch of the election campaign.
It's one thing to adopt a safe strategy when you think a political race is going your way. It's quite another when you're not even making any public appearances.

For what it's worth, Democratic supporters should probably feel good about the fact that their leader in the House is acting like a front-runner. That says more about the status of the race than any poll will. However, hiding in the final stretch of a campaign is probably a no-no. If you can't coast and make public appearances at the same time, then you have no business seeking high political office in the first place.

The Republicans are already pouncing on this — and well they should. Trying to sneak into power won't work, nor should it.

UPDATE (Nov. 8, 9:11 am)
: Cough, cough, on second thought...

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