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Sometimes one has to step back, take pause, and have some "second thots"

Monday, November 06, 2006


US elections are like a Bizarro Canada

Polls showing the Republicans bouncing back on the eve of an election is a phenomenon similar to what's happened here north of the border. For the past couple of federal elections, during the dying moments of a campaign, Canadians have moved towards a rather unpopular incumbent party because they still had all kinds of questions about the alternative. It's why the Harper Conservatives have stalled in support prior to the last two election days, and why Liberals have been pleasantly surprised at the level of their support after the results were tallied.

I think a similar trend might be occurring in the US mid-term elections right now. Voting day is tomorrow, and it would appear that, as unhappy as Americans are about the direction of their country right now, they might be entertaining some serious second thoughts about what exactly the Democrats are going to do about it.

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