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Thursday, December 21, 2006


Did Dion or didn't he?

There appears to be a gap between what we thought we knew about Dion's contribution to the government's motion recognizing Quebec as a nation and what we know now about that contribution. In other words, the original reports that depicted Dion as having consulted Harper appear to be flat-out wrong. A member of the PMO, Mark Cameron, talked to Dion about it, but it doesn't appear to be a part of Harper's consultation process with members of the opposition.

If that's correct, then the question becomes this: Just who is responsible for creating the impression that Dion was a part of that consultation? Alternatively, are Harper's current attempts to downplay that contribution completely sincere?

I know I'd like some answers to some of these questions. More specifically, did Dion try to create the impression that he had a formal role to play in the wording of the motion? Or is Harper now trying to minimize Dion's contribution for political reasons? Is Mark Cameron or another member of the PMO perhaps guilty of mischaracterizing the discussions with Dion in the first place?

Lots of questions, very few answers. At least for now.

UPDATE (10:39 am): As far as I can tell, it was the media that characterized Dion's contribution as one involving a consultation with Harper. I can't find anything that suggests that Dion himself helped create this impression. If it was the media, the question then becomes this: who gave them the impression that Dion was consulted directly? And why was this impression allowed to stand for weeks?

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