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Friday, December 01, 2006


Is Iggy still the guy?

The four front-runners: Stéphane Dion, Michael Ignatieff, Gerard Kennedy, and Bob Rae (Toronto Star image)
My sense going into the last couple of days of the Liberal race is that Ignatieff is still the man to beat, and that the man that can beat him is Stéphane Dion. Being second in races like this isn't good. You're usually second for a reason and, in Rae's case, that reason is that he's a former NDP premier with a troubling legacy. It's hard to rally support against someone like Iggy when a lot of people are rallying support against you. That's a huge problem for Rae.

I also think that a lot of Liberals have trouble seeing Dion as leader, and that Iggy's machinery and support going into the convention might be too much for anyone to overcome. Furthermore, Liberals love their front-runners They've never selected someone as leader who hasn't finished first after the first ballot.

So, that's my impression — for now. This is probably the most exciting race we've had in a long time. Pass the popcorn. Should be fun.

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