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Thursday, December 14, 2006


The more things change....

While the Liberals continue to try and paint Harper as a "neoconservative" who's attacking "mainstream" Canadian values, I can't help but think that they're trying too hard to hold on to an increasingly smaller segment of the Canadian electorate.

A Paul Wells outlined in his analysis after the last election, the Conservatives have become good at reaching out to their voters. What the Liberals seem to be trying to do is to draw the line there and stop any further growth.

Yet, just how long can the Liberals keep trying to scare people without losing support themselves every time they try? If they don't see a trend of diminishing returns, just what do they see? At some point, don't you need a positive reason to vote Liberal? And just what positives is Dion offering to Canadian voters to make them want to vote for him instead of simply voting against Stephen Harper?

It's funny. Liberals bristle at the suggestion that Dion is the same old Liberal. Yet, he was an integral part of that same old Liberal government for a decade, and he's using the exact same fear-mongering tactics that the same old Liberals have been using in each and every federal election in recent memory.

Canadians voted for cautious change in the last election. With Dion, we seem to be getting anything but change. Judging by Harper's recent public speech, he's going to remind people of that fact every chance he gets.

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