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Sometimes one has to step back, take pause, and have some "second thots"

Thursday, December 07, 2006


What's Bush really up to?

There are two ways to look at what Bush is thinking, given these latest moves to signal a change in direction in Iraq. Either Bush's mind hasn't changed, which would mean that only his public posturing has, or his mind has changed, which means that he's realized a mistake and is now trying to make the best of it. As much as some people want to think the latter, my reading of Bush leads me to bet on the former.

The man has faith in his beliefs and his decisions. I think he still believes in Iraq, and everything else is secondary or superficial. It doesn't mean that he's not open to tactical changes, but I think his faith in the Iraq mission still holds. I know a lot of conservatives don't think that, and they have reason to believe that he's succumbed to some of his father's tendencies. Yet he's never been his father, nor do I think he ever will be. As long as George W. Bush is president, America will stand behind Iraqi freedom. It's what his views on the mission have always been about.

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