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Friday, January 05, 2007


Baghdad Dion?

You have to wonder just how on top of things Liberal leader Stéphane Dion is when he says things like this:

Earlier on Friday, Dion told CBC News that he was confident Khan was a loyal Liberal and that there was "no indication" a defection was coming.
and this:

Contrary to reports that Mississauga-Streetsville Liberal MP Wajid Khan had been wooed over by the Tories, Dion said Friday, "in politics you hear many things and to me, Mr. Khan is a colleague. He will be part of the caucus; he will work in a positive way."
So, even after Stephen Taylor reported that Khan had already bolted, Dion is telling the public that he thinks Khan will stay.

It's not like Dion would be wrong about the things he says in public anyhow.

On top of that, I think Liberals should start questioning how Dion handled the Khan situation. It was only after Dion issued the ultimatum that Khan decided to leave. From the very beginning, that's what Khan seemed to be looking for — to be forced into a choice. Well, Dion forced that choice, didn't he?

I suppose most would assume that Khan would cross the floor eventually anyhow. But, judging by how events transpired, and the public comments made, I'm not exactly sure Dion knew exactly what was going on, or had any idea of how to handle it.

The tanks were on the streets, yet Dion saw victory around the corner. Interesting.

During Khan's press conference, he said that he hasn't talked to Dion in a month ! So did Dion issue his ultimatum a month ago ? Or did Dion get someone else to issue the ultimatum a few days ago ? Dion has a real credibility problem, not unusual for a Liberal. And his performance so far sure doesn't square with the hype coming out of the convention that he was honest, smart, principled, etc.


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