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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Finally some non-partisanship on global warming

Perhaps for the first time in a while I've come across some common sense from an environmentalist in Canada.

One of the problems I have had with the enviro-lobby recently has been their ideological and partisan approach to global warming.

While they blast Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his first year in office, not only were they largely silent while the Liberals did nothing for thirteen years, they welcome back one of its primary enviro-duds, Stephane Dion, as leader of the party and new environmental champion. That includes new Green party leader Elizabeth May. What in the world is she doing praising a Liberal on the environment? What in the world are any environmentalists doing praising Dion on the environment, for that matter?

At least Summers has the courage to want to do the right thing instead of the ideologically hip thing to do.

Any self-respecting environmentalist should have nothing to do with Stephane Dion as so-called environmentalist crusader. He and his government had thirteen years. They did squat. Time for some action, even if it is from someone you don't agree with on all issues.

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