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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I think an NDP-Tory deal is done

I think this story only confirms what I've been saying since at least last November: The NDP and Tories will get a deal done on the environment. It's not a matter of if. As events in committee showed yesterday, it's just a matter of when.

By the way, as much as it's now "conventional wisdom" that a deal is in the works, as far as I know, I've been saying it publicly before anyone else has.

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Well, I can't claim November, but I can say December. :)

Dec 11 :)



Wow! Didn't think there was anyone out there who saw the strategic planning in all this as much as I did.

However, I'm not afraid to one-up anyone on this theory, probably because I think it goes way back, and it wasn't dependent on Dion winning the leadership either.

Since November 2005 Jack decided that the Liberals were the enemy.

Any deal on the environment still accomplishes what it needs to, regardless of who is Liberal leader. It's just that Dion makes the strategy that much easier and sweeter to carry out for both Jack and Steve.



Heh. I actually agree with you. In the comments of that post, I realize that the leader probably wasn't as important a piece as the issue is.

If you're right about Layton knowing who to fight, then kudoes to him as well. That he means to keep those liberal votes will be a challenge to him.

I've brought this theory up a couple of times and am always met with a "no way" or "that's too crystal ball". Nice to see some agreement.

Given the way things are looking, I am more and more convinced we are correct.

I can't wait to say, "Na nah, na nah, na!" :) Hopefully I won't be eating crow.



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