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Sunday, January 28, 2007


Liberals dare not address substance of ads

I've been assessing the various reactions from Liberals to the TV ads released today by the Tories. Not one Liberal is willing to deal with the substance of the ads. They'll attack the Conservatives for their motivations in running the ads, but they will not address what's actually in those ads.

That's why my advice to Conservatives and their supporters is to stick to their substance, and force Liberals to do the same. Lord forbid they be forced to talk about why Dion should be prime minister, and to do it by using his actual record while in power. The audacity of it all!

UPDATE (10:55 pm): While Canadians will be hearing about Dion's actual record on the environment, as expressed by the above ads everyone is talking about, Canadians will also be hearing about how the Tories are actually working to develop their own record on the environment. As I have been saying for months, Harper has been setting up this compare and contrast for a while now. When all is said and done, Canadians will see what the Tories have done on the environment and compare and contrast that to what Dion and the Liberals have done.

I suppose that's why the Liberals are so nervous. The last thing they want is for Canadians to be reminded of what Dion actually did on the environment. It won't stand up to what the Tories have in the works right now.

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