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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Possibly relevant

Baird vs. Dion
What I'll say about this is:

a) Dion didn't look too hot when Ignatieff questioned his record on the environment during a leadership debate. And Ignatieff was being relatively polite. Baird won't be.

b) Some of the back-and-forths will be in English. I don't think Dion's English is that bad. It's just maybe not good enough for this sort of thing. We'll see.

c) If the Tories produce a beefed up Clean Air Act with teeth, the facts will be overwhelmingly on their side.

d) I look forward to the show. I can't help but think that a show is part of what Harper had in mind when coming up with Baird for the portfolio. Pass the popcorn.

Shouldn't Dion leave most of the environment questions in the House to his Environment Critic ? Otherwise he runs the risk of being perceived as a one-trick-pony, or even a broker record. Besides, someone like Godfrey or even Rodriguez would stand up better to Baird than Dion would.


There are three problems with that:

a) Now that its perceived that Baird is being sicked on Dion, if Dion doesn't square off with him, it'll look like he backed down.

b) Dion's entire raison d'etre for recent years has been as champion of the environment, even if he has deluded himself into believing it. He will lose all credibility in such a role if he pulls himself out.

c) This will be a test of just how "underestimated" he is. People like Wells think he's up to the challenge. Time for Dion to prove it.


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