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Monday, February 12, 2007


Are Tories weak on the environment?

While I agree with TDH's overall assessment of the environment as a current political issue, I disagree with him on his characterization of the Tories as being "weak on the environment." Hey, if you're going to be brutally honest about the situation, then you might as well go the distance, right?

I think it's more accurate to describe the Tories as a work-in-progress when it comes to the environment. In fact, if they end up passing a Clean Air Act that is to Jack Layton's satisfaction — which I believe has been in the works for months — then the Tories will indeed by very strong on the environment. In fact, they will have passed the most meaningful environmental legislation in this country's history.

I just thought I'd throw even more cold water on the Liberal environmental platform. Carry on.

After today I feel particularly vindicated. :)

The CPC had a _very_ good day.



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