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Sunday, February 04, 2007


Global warming and human nature

What I find interesting about the diminishing debate (not that we ever actually had one) surrounding global warming is the extent to which people want to believe we cause it. Putting the science aside, especially since most people don't understand it and never will, I think many people believe in man-made global warming for two reasons: a) they have a conscientious attitude towards human conduct; b) they're being skeptical about human nature. In other words, many assume that people suck, so people have to be causing global warming, right?

So, when scientists see that the planet is warming, and decide to want to blame it on man, I suppose I'm not surprised that lots of people are willing to believe it. It's just human nature.

yes climate scientist see the earth is it has been for thousands of years...infact there has been a natural cycle of warming and cooling for millions of years...however, what they have found is that the RATE at which the earth is currently warming is unlike anything in recorded history (which goes back hundreds of thousands of years). This has been shown to be the cause of humans, with the greatest increase occuring since 1973.

The fact that you use words such as "decide to want to blame it on man" demonstrates your utter lack of understanding of just how a science is conducted and how we have reached an almost near consensus on climate change within our scientific community.


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