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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


How about them Tory ads now?

Two things about this article by the Toronto Star's Richard Gwyn:

a) Is there anybody left who thinks those Tory ads would backfire? I'm even seeing die-hard Liberal bloggers acknowledge the power the ads have had in shaping the current political narrative. In fact, I don't think I recall political ads being as effective as these ones have been.

Their main message is that "Stéphane Dion is not a leader." Well, almost everyone now has trouble seeing Stéphane Dion as a leader. Mission accomplished and then some.

b) Richard Gwyn blames Dion's English for his failure to connect with a message on global warming.

I'll go back to those ads again. As Iggy said in them, "We didn't get it done." Indeed. The Liberals didn't get it done for over a decade in power. So, why in the world should we believe Stéphane Dion now, especially when he doesn't come across as a leader?

That's why he's not connecting, Mr. Gwyn. It's not his English. It's his credibility that doesn't cut it.

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