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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Is Garth Turner finally pulling the full Emerson?

Turner during one of his performances
CTV's Robert Fife is reporting that Garth Turner will announce this afternoon that he's decided to sit in Parliament as Liberal Member of Parliament.

There are a few things I have to say in response to this.

The first is that I hope someone passes me the popcorn as I listen to Garth Turner explain how this isn't like David Emerson crossing the floor to the Conservatives, a move Turner harshly criticized because it was done without Emerson seeking a bi-election. How can Turner explain away his current move without seeking a by-election for himself? And how can he do it without being a complete hypocrite? Again, pass the popcorn.

My second response is that I don't think this move will be well received by other Liberals. Many don't like him. They'll also have to deal with the headaches arising from questions I raised in my first point.

Generally speaking, I don't see how in the world Turner explains a move like this and maintain what diminishing credibility he has left with his constituents and Canadians in general. He sold himself as someone staunchly against this kind of politics. Yet here he is practicing exactly this kind of politics.

Although I still have to wait for the full announcement, I think it's safe to say that something like this confirms everything I have said about Garth Turner. For Garth Turner, it's all about Garth Turner. It always has been. Don't kid yourself into believing anything else he says in this regard. He'll say anything, and he has said anything — as long as it benefits himself. Count on it.

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