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Friday, February 02, 2007


Liberal strategy on the environment

Earlier today I briefly discussed the Tory strategy on the environment, which is to discredit the Liberals by hammering them on their actual record.

Well, after reading this piece from the Liberal party, I can only surmise that their strategy is to say this in response: Harper isn't a true believe, we are.

There are two problems with this:

a) Does what you say about beliefs or motivations really matter?

b) Actions matter, which is why the Liberals have nothing do say in this regard, except to continue repeating the myth that they actually did something. They don't really cite facts and, when they do, they cherry-pick from a very short list.

I think the Liberals are getting cornered on the one issue they somehow thought was their strong suit. It explains their somewhat empty attacks on the Harper government, which still has a chance to prove their worth on the environment. Unfortunately for Dion and gang, they already had their chance. As deputy Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff said, "We didn't get it done." Indeed.

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