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Monday, February 19, 2007


Liberal accuses RCMP in income trust affair

Sunday on CTV's Question Period, Liberal strategist Scott "Beer and Popcorn" Reid said the RCMP investigation into income trusts was "phony" and "bogus" and also implied that it was meant solely to help the Conservatives win the election in 2006.

Here's the clip:

So, the very same people who are demanding that Ralph Goodale's ego be massaged through an apology from political opponents are now turning around and accusing the RCMP of manufacturing bogus investigations to get parties elected to power in this country.

Not only does Reid completely ignore the fact that charges have been laid as a result of this "bogus" investigation, but doesn't Mr. Reid now owe the RCMP and Prime Minister Harper a legitimate and deserved apology for accusing them of abuse of power and political interference?

The Liberals — they never learn, folks.

PMSH planted the seed, Libs don't like police, and Libs grow the idea.

Amazing how they throw themselves into every trap PMSH sets for them.



I just about choked on my Beer & Popcorn

when Scott "the gift that keeps on giving"

offered up that line.


Why would any party that wants to clean up its image put Snotty-nosed Reid as a front man?

He's responsible for the dirty ad campaign in 2004 that showed PM Stephen Harper in a very inaccurate light, and thus the election the Conservatives should have won, was lost.

The Canadian public is owed an apology anytime the Liberals lie to us again.


Is there anyone out there that would rate the Liberals anything better than the most dishonest of all federal parties? If there are and it's you, perhaps you have a problem with honesty too. Mr. Reid just underlines that point and comes across no better than a bad conman.


Scott Reid is huge liability for the Liberals,

Last week on Mike Duffy Live, he called the Afghanistan mission "ridiculous" and the Conservatives' "Vietnam"...


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