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Friday, February 09, 2007


The race towards victory on the environment

This is a fascinating article written by John Ivison of the National Post. It suggests that a bill binding the government to Kyoto targets and timelines could force Harper to call an election. It just adds a new twist in the race to achieve political victory while riding the new wave of environmentalism in Canada.

Ironically, it also might give Harper an excuse to call an election at a time of his choosing, since he seems to have some control over when he can finally decide not to enforce this new law.

I'm not exactly sure where this puts the NDP, since I believe they have already committed themselves to a Clean Air Act that does not strictly adhere to Kyoto.

It gets more interesting by the day, folks.

To top it all off, and in the very same article, Buzz Hargrove provides Jack Layton with some huge political cover by stating that he believes in Kyoto but that full compliance is impossible. I believe that this is precisely the position that Layton will eventually take in supporting an amended Clean Air Act.

Buzz Hargrove giving Jack Layton a helping hand again. Who'd a thunk?

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