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Monday, March 19, 2007


Being too cute by half?

There are obviously others who disagree with me on the timing of an election. I just think they're being too cute by half.

Yes, there are good reasons for the prime minister to want to hold off. Yes, it can be seen as patient and wise to wait. Yet I don't think any of that trumps what we're seeing right now in terms of a green light for an election.

That is, and to borrow the term from the separatists for a moment, winning conditions exist for Harper if he were to have an election sooner rather than later. These winning conditions could be gone three months from now. They could be gone a year from now.

I think that's all that matters in the prime minister's calculations right now. We'll see.

How do you stem the tide of conventional wisdom by swimming in it up to your neck? I look forward to your post on this topic in two weeks.


I guess you don't read my blog often. Don't worry, you're not alone. Ha ha.

Before Jim Prentice's appearance on CTV Question Period a few weeks ago, I was in your camp on this question.

However, since the media and the polls have started to hammer away at Dion, I think that at the very least the Tories have been flexing their campaign readiness muscles.

I think the conventional wisdom is in fact heading in your direction, especially after this budget. So, if I do eat my words soon, I guess I'll be doing it with fewer and fewer folks beside me. I'm not budging yet.

Let's see where we all are in two, four, or six weeks. Thanks for dropping by.


Wow! haven't read Wells in months and lo and behold I have to agree with him, I'm sitting here shocked and dazed, who'd a'thunk?


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