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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Blogger calls for Stephen Harper's assassination

I don't know who this guy is and I'm not really sure it matters. The problem is that he's calling for the assassination of our prime minister:
I've always maintained that there will come a point at which Stephen Harper will have to take a bullet. I mean, we'll arrive at a time when the only way we can protect this country, its ideal and its history from a violent rape at the hands of the neo-con pigs is to take this man out.
Where does this kind of hate come from?

UPDATE (Monday, 11:07 am): The guy has taken down the post. Instead, he first taunts his critics, then he tells them he was just kidding — sort of.

Well, if anyone wants to see his original post, I have a screen capture of it here. Since captured images can seem blurry, depending on your screen resolution setting, I also publish the full text below. At least you can see the Kevlar vest in the screen capture, if you want.

Here is the full text of his post:

I haven't been reading the newspapers all that much lately. This could be because I've developed an adversity to doing so unless the province is paying me for the task...that's what two years as a part-time civil servant will do to you. I did, however, choose to crack the Toronto Star today. Sometimes I need a wake-up call from someone so far out in 'left' field that they don't dream in technicolour, but in Soviet red, and their colomunists rarely diappoint on this level.

Thomas Walkom's piece on Stephane Dion and the bigger picture of federal politics got me thinking again about something I've had on the back-burner for a while. I've always maintained that there will come a point at which Stephen Harper will have to take a bullet. I mean, we'll arrive at a time when the only way we can protect this country, its ideal and its history from a violent rape at the hands of the neo-con pigs is to take this man out.

Might I suggest that the fact that Harper is polling almost two-to-one over Dion as the preferred leader for Canada is a harbinger of this time's arrival. It's coming Steve, better invest in some Kevlar.

UPDATE (Monday, 12:06 pm): I see that the entire blog has been taken down. Not so brave anymore, are we?

I feel this is as close to uttering threats without being face to face. This person should be charged because some unbalanced person (Liberal) would see this as a challenge.


If this were the US, that guy'd already have the FBI kicking down his door. I'm no fan of our Prime Minister, but threats like this are just plain dumb. The guy has to know that they will be investigated and he'll be punished. Maybe he's just looking for his 15 minutes.


the scarier comment is the one at the end:

"It's coming Steve, better invest in some Kevlar."

I better hear that the RCMP is all over this. This is very disturbing.


I just sent the link to my MP. My Neighbour is a RCMP officer and when I showed him the story he immediatly had me e-mail the link to his office here in Ottawa.


Anyone think to inform the RCMP ? If this were America the Secret Service would be all over this guy .

How about one of you calls up the RCMP as they are responsible for protective and preventive.


That he thought to actually include a picture of a kevlar vest shows just how much forethought he put into this post. And that's a very strong indicator that he could be dangerous. This wasn't just some little thing he rattled off in 30 seconds. The spelling and grammar is perfect. Every sentence is correctly punctuated. And he makes the threat not once, but twice; when he mentions the bullet, and again when he advises the PM to "get some kevlar." Someone make sure to save the webpage in an HTML file to your hard drive. A link won't do much good if he removes the offending post. I can't save it as I'm at work.


I sent an email to the PM's office so they are aware and act upon.


I just saved the page in HTML. I also have a screen capture.


I'm not sure that saving his page is necessary. The guy is proud of what he wrote. NUTBAR!


Stephen Harper is no neocon. Why is it that these people call all conservatives neocons...


It doesnt matter though. People on the left will continue to do these things in the name of free speech.

The only problem is one nut job might act on it...god forbid.

Why is it that left wing nut jobs threaten the lives of Conservatives? You never hear threats against Chretien, Martin, or Dion do you?

Shows you which side is more mentally balanced.


I see that the guy has removed the post. I guess he is afraid of the RCMP after all. Heh heh.


This is something I've noticed over and over agian from the left. They spend so much time pretending to be non-violent, claiming there is no such thing a "good war" etc, and yet they are really quick to throw this type of crap around. Usually when they feel safe, and the target is harmless.


Greetings everyone. I'm glad everyone enjoyed my post. Might I offer a little background.

My blog is used primarily between myself an a couple friends, so it tends to be filled with inside jokes...this is one of them (sort of).

I'm known in my social circles as a bit of a loudmouth and I take things over-the-top just for a laugh and to make a point. The point I was making here: I dislike Stephen Harper. Would I ever consider harming him or supporting someone in their efforts to do so? Absolutely not!

I have removed the post because I understand now, that without knowledge of me, my personality and my writing style, people might be needlessly concerned for the PM's safety. Some jokes are better kept among friends. I do apologize if anyone was genuninely fearful.

By the way, the grammar and punctuation was perfect in my original post because I'm an educated young man skilled in academic writing, not because I'm some psycho who took hours to post a message on my blog.

Again, sorry for the confusion.


First Garth, now this.


Thank you Allan. It is so kind of you to come amongst us rubes and explain your sense of humour. Yes, we immediately knew you were an educated young man when you suggested that you needed to be on the government payroll to read a paper. Oh the joys of being a spoiled Leftist - Mommy and Daddy got you a nice job didn't they?


Just because you say "Just kidding" after screaming "I've got a bomb and you're all going to die!" on an airplane doesn't mean you won't face consequences. You claim to be an "educated young man," clearly you aren't educated enough.


...that without knowledge of me, my personality and my writing style, people might be needlessly concerned for the PM's safety.

I guess we had to be there.

By the way, the grammar and punctuation was perfect in my original post because I'm an educated young man skilled in academic writing...

I think you're about to get some education about our legal system young man.


A toronto student, what a surprise.
I hope he's charged with uttering death threats, teach the little commie a lesson.


I suspect he's already learning his lesson, since he's done a 180 after initially completely defending his comments.

Somebody must have threatened his part-time civil service job.

Then they jump on Harper for suggesting the civil service is against him. Noooooo, not in Utopia Canada. Ha ha.


I wonder how many other young Liberal Leftists have part time jobs in the Ontario Civil Service?


Well done. I put up a post on this as well and just updated the fact that the post has been removed. Who said Liberals and Conservatives can't work together -- particularly when it is in the public interest. I give you a lot of credit. (Crux-of-the-Matter)


Seems to me that the guy is mocking the Star for being far left, isn't he? Or is he including himself in the mockery?

If I didn't know any better, I'd think this guy is one of those reactionary Red Tories.

Maybe that's just me.


Hi again, I forgot to mention that I too try to be nonpartisan. Didn't mean to suggest you were otherwise. Thanks again for the good reporting.


I would just like to say that all of you need to get a life. It's called freedom of speech.
FYE... A.V. is not spioled and Mommy and Daddy didn't get him that nice job, he worked damn hard for it.


Typical sniveling little leftist troll - why am I not surprised he's and Ontario civil servant?

Not only did he remove his post and blog, but the snot-nosed little chickenshit pulled his profile as well.


varlakial -- adj. 1. involving, indicating or tending towards suicide. 2. liable to destroy one's own interests or prospects; dangerously rash.



If he's so hung up on "freedom of speech", why pull the post, in fact, why pull the whole blog and vanish from the blogosphere?

Chickenshit little leftist troll, I guess spitting out the basement window at passers by is more entertaining...


"I would just like to say that all of you need to get a life. It's called freedom of speech.
FYE... A.V. is not spioled and Mommy and Daddy didn't get him that nice job, he worked damn hard for it.

# posted by Anonymous : 12:14 PM"

That is not freedom of speech, that is uttering a death threat. That is a crime in Canada


This was a death threat and was therefore illegal. Reading the original post, it does not look like a joke. This person should be charged.


I'll bet Allen is not feeling so great at this moment. The effects of his stupidity are now being realized.

This episode in the life of yet another educated, but stupid leftists fool will haunt him for many years.

No conservative will hire him and his Lefty pals in the NDP and Liberal parties will see him as poison.

I think mom and dad should have spanked him more often for being so ... what is it he said about himself ... over the top?

Listen up Varlaki ... being educated and by your own claim an articulate writer, should know that "the pen is mightier than the sword".

You have stabbed the best PM we have likely ever had in Canada and you need to go broke paying your lawyers to keep you out of jail.

How many of your friends are still hanging with you after this one?

You have just become a political and social leper. Enjoy!


There's always Google cache


"anon said... A.V. is not spioled..."

apparently, not all of varlaki's pals are, "educated young persons skilled in academic writing"

perhaps a.v. could start a tutoring service for illiterate leftbots.



Well it seems that Mr. Valarki (and it looks like it could be the same person) is on this list, which, unless I am mistaken, is a contributors list to the liberal party? A bit more googling shows that this same person was the student rep at U of T's Hart house as well..


Well, I for one don't want to engage in the politics of personal destruction.

I hope this is a naive student who has learned his lesson.

I don't think he should have to pay lawyers or suffer banishment as a result — as long as he's harmless enough.


"...the grammar and punctuation was perfect in my original post..."


They "was"?


"Take a life"
The left's solution to their political problems.

"Get a life"
The response to those that disagree with the former.

How much do we pay these killers to read the paper?



Dennis - I would agree with your post if Allan came forward and truly apologized for his statements. Forgiveness is only possible if he is truly repentant. (A concept that I believe he may understand.)


Wow. Trouble is, most people who do go out to try to kill politicians or start shooting schools up are young adults. The key word is adult.

People have to start taking responsibility for what they write/say on any public forum. Words like these are very dangerous, because even if the writer wouldn't actually do what they say...some troubled person might just take their cue from what they've read. This person should be charged for uttering death threats against our Prime Minister. It must be taken seriously. Leasa


I can't express how much I regret having made the original post on my blog. For those who might have doubts, I have pulled the entire blog due to the volume of emails I was receiving. I just don't have time for all that.

As I said in my original explanation of the post, it was a style of writing that my close friends are familiar with, and in my ignorance of the internet and the volume of people who read blogs, I failed to account for the fact that the site was accessible not just to those who know me, but to others.

That people have spent time searching the internet to find more information about me makes me a little nervous. I'm not sure if I should fear for my own personal safety here; but that someone has found out information about my campus affiliations and my contributions to a political party leaves me feeling concerned.

Again, might I apologize to anyone who took offence to what I wrote. I assure you with every fiber of my being that I was not uttering a threat but merely posting rashly and without due consideration to how my words might be miscontrued. I'm sorry.

I'm relatively new to the whole practice of blogging, and this experience leaves me feeling uneasy about continuing to do so. I doubt I will re-establish my was always too much of a time-drain to maintain anyways. If I do, I will be sure to post more respectfully and with great dilligence.


aah the INTOLERANT left in its full flower!

Credo of the Left:
“When I am weaker than you, I ask you for my rights, for that is your way.”
”When I am stronger than you, I take away your rights, for that is my way.”

The Right generally regards the Left as simply misguided. The Left, however, assumes that anyone who disagrees with them is not only wrong, but evil.


Unfortunately your posting does not come across as being very rash at all, in fact it looks like it was well thought about before being typed.

You don't have to worry about anyone other than the law directly contacting you, people right of center typically let the law deal with things rather than circumvent the law, it's the lefties that usually think the end justifies the means, as you so clearly stated.

All in all, I hope you have learned a lesson, not really becoming conduct for a good little catholic now, is it?


Just want to thank you for posting this threat, and also want to thank those who contacted the RCMP.


Let's be careful. He might just be a stupid kid. Lord knows I was that way when I was his age.

If there's a serious issue here, I'm sure the police will handle it. Otherwise, it was just a stupid post.

Do we really need to engage in vigilante justice here?


Well spoken Dennis. We believe in the rule of law - let it take its course.


Leave the poor child alone. He's clearly not even educated enough to use Google and see what's not-so-private about his life.


Maybe A.V. should look up the meaning of "adversity" in a dictionary before boasting of his highly-educated mind. Good catch on "was", too, anon 12:46/47.


His tage was apparently incited by an editorial in the Toronto Star.

So these biased lefty journalists are now inciting hate by their Liberal apologist writings.

The rabid lying scumbags looking to profit in the billions of dollars through "Kyoto sxcams"
by scaring all of us stupid people is also now inciting hate and death threats to those who will not bow to the Kyoto cash grab gods.

Inciting hate. Inciting death threats. Lefty loonies will buy this stuff hook line and sinker if the damned media does not give balance4d coverage of the other sides of the stories.


AV, while you've got the dictionary out you should also look up 'apology'.

"... I was not uttering a threat but merely posting rashly and without due consideration to how my words might be miscontrued. "

Your words were not 'miscontrued', you expressed yourself perfectly. You need to apologize for being intentionally offensive, and not to anyone on this blog, but to the man you said 'needs to take a bullet'. And, oh yeah, maybe his wife and kids need an apology as well.


Hey Allen, here's some free, friendly advice from your local scary, hidden Conservative... throttle back your frothy limbic processes and then make sure you...

"Shut yer freakin' pie hole... and find a good lawyer."


"... That people have spent time searching the internet to find more information about me makes me a little nervous. I'm not sure if I should fear for my own personal safety here; but that someone has found out information about my campus affiliations and my contributions to a political party leaves me feeling concerned...."

He's nervous and concerned because some people are interested in knowing more about the kind of nutjob that would call for the Prime Minister to be assassinated, but he obviously could care less about how nervous or concerned the PM might feel to read that someone is advocating his murder.

What a useless piece of sh*t.


This is a short precis of information available on the Internet (Google) for Allen Valaki:

Allen Varlaki appear to have been born in 1984 or 1985, and attended St Thomas Of Villanova High School in Lasalle, Ontario where he graduated in 2002. As at January 23, 2007 he is believed to be a student at the University of Toronto (Hart House) and Secretary of the House Committee at Hart House.

He operates (or operated) a blog titled "Nullus Fines" located at On Sunday, March 11, 2007 at 7:55 p.m. Mr. Varlaki made a post on his blog calling for the assination of Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

It is believed that Mr. Varlaki contributed $150 to the Liberal Party of Canada in 2002.

As another commenter noted, all we need now is a photo of this individual to complete the profile.

In closing, I hope that Mr. Valaki enjoys his new-found notoriety with the RCMP, CSIS, American police agencies, and Interpol. All of whom, I would assume, are now aware of this twit's thoughts and desires ... and who might have thoughts of their own about the suitability of his cross-border travel in the future.

Obviously Mr. Valaki is the product of the Nanny State's finest left-wing supportive schools.


As I said in my original explanation of the post, it was a style of writing that my close friends are familiar with, and in my ignorance of the internet and the volume of people who read blogs, I failed to account for the fact that the site was accessible not just to those who know me, but to others.

Allen dear, this was not about style it was about content. A self proclaimed educated college student who has been blogging for many months cannot cry ignorance. Your ideas are ignorant, but you do know what you are done. You just did realize what the ramifications would be.

This is not going to go away soon or easily. You have made a lot of people very angry. By you most recent groveling on this blog, I think you are aware of that now.

Looks good on you.


An immature young man made a mistake. He apologised. There may be legal consequences.

I am hardly an apologist for any left-wing moonbat, however let the legal system do it's part.


(Cross-posted to SDA, where Allen's fame will multiply manyfold).

I believe Allen's about to learn the difference between public and private personas/spaces, and the utterances that are appropriate to each.

Here's a primer:

Your dorm room is private.
Having coffee or a beer with your buddies is private.
Interactions on a date are private.
Casual interactions with strangers on a street corner are private.
Dinner with your family is private.

YouTube is public.
MySpace is public.
Your blog is public.
E-mail (even though you think otherwise) is public.
Chatrooms are public.
Second Life is public.
Et cetera.

The second set of examples above can be generalized as follows:

If it's on the 'Net, it's public, indexed, searchable, and (for all practical purposes) eternal.

If you don't want it to be public, and especially if it's likely to be misconstrued, don't put it on the 'Net.

Got it?


He didn't apologize for his actions, he apologized for other people 'misunderstanding' him. If I need to apologize, I will do it myself, I don't need some nitwit advocate of assassination to do it for me. He should apologize for his own actions.


I'm actually having some "second thoughts" about the extent to which this guy was unaware about the nature of blogging and the Internet.

As some may recall, a Liberal insider got himself into trouble during the last campaign for comparing Olivia Chow to the Chow Chow breed of dog.

His excuse back then was that it was only meant for friends.

So, these guys know enough about the Internet to sign up for blogs and have them published, yet don't know enough about the extent to which they can be read by others?

Heck, don't most bloggers become bloggers because they think they'll be the next Ernest Hemingway? ;)


I too am wondering about the sincerity of said "apology". Had it been a true apology I'd cut him some slack, but as YAA said, he did not apologize for his actions, but for being "misunderstood". That doesn't cut it. I think everyone "understood", and understood quite clearly, what he was getting at.

But what is really giving me second thoughts about this, is his initial vehement response to those that first took him to task on this.

"Secondly, I have never claimed to be an overly strong believer in democracy per se, at least not in its unbridled form. Some form of democracy, perhaps, but there comes a point (and in my own political ideology) pretty quickly, at which social conditions might necessitate extra-democratic action. It doesn't really make sense to criticize me for my lack of adherence to the status quo of democracy in our world today... It's kind of like getting your panties in a twist because Lenin wasn't a very good capitalist.

"Finally, Mr. Anonymous, I hope you have called the RCMP. I've always wanted to get on one of those lists they've been keeping; I think it's cool. Anything to distinguish myself from the herd of unquestioning fatalistic animals this society has become. I would imagine that most people who have have managed to preserve the capacity for independent thought and uncensored articulation might find themselves up there with Osama Bin Laden and the like.

"Piss off pansies! This is the real world, and if you can't stand the heat, stick your head in the oven and get it over with.

"Always a pleasure...

and the clincher:

"On a side note. Might I make an important distinction should the pigs be reading this. I know it's difficult to understand given your double-digit IQs and all, but saying someone should take a bullet is different from saying I will deliver such a bullet personally. I don't really care for guns all that much, so I would never pick one up and shoot Mr. Harper myself. Does that mean I would be bereft if someone did? I'll leave that up to you."

The more I think about this and his attempts at trying to back-peddle out of it, the more I think he needs to be brought to task for this.


Brought to task how? A pound of flesh?


Nope, just a visit from the Gendarmes.


all we need now is a photo of this individual to complete the profile.

Apologize for the small size, it's taken off Facebook. You can understand why stuff like "girls" isn't distracting him from Harper-hate though.


That people have spent time searching the internet to find more information about me makes me a little nervous

Now that's rich in arrogance and irony. Your assassination statements directed at a public figure make us all nervous. Here's a piece of advice, your rant, calmly composed in your best grammar(as you've noted), doesn't fit the profile of a well-adjusted 22 year old. You really need to have an embarassing visit from the RCMP as a wake up call. Whatever your issues are they are your demons and you had better deal with them. You weren't drunk at a bar when you wrote your little homicidal polemic.

And, I hope that US intelligence services have got you on file after this. I've passed you on to them. Act stupid, stay in Canada. Hey, I don't want you here.


I'm not sure what making this into a witch hunt will accomplish, actually.

I hope his post was just talk. And I hope some of the comments here are just talk, too.

This "scoop" has touched off a nerve in a way I didn't foresee.

I think people should take a deep breath and let things play out naturally. It's essentially what I've done from the beginning.


Posing as an anonymous contributor, for the purposes of anonymity, though commonly known simply as TangoJuliette, who sez:

In the Heart of The Fatherland of the Leftoid Moonbats (that'd be back in the USSR my little Droog) this kind of talk was all the rage. back then they just had different names for this activity.

Pgroms, Purges, Show Trials, Sudden Heart Attacks. Nowadays? A touch of Thalium maybe.

Ah yes. The Big Tent, All-Encompassing Progressive, left side of our political spectrum. Motto: "No Freedom for YOU!!" I think that they also handled a soup restaurant in NYC, didn't they?


Looks like a real winner!



I think it's pretty obvious that most people are just blow off some steam here. Uttering a death treat against a Prime Minister who just went through that less than a year ago is bound to grate on people's nerves.

A.V. should be interviewed by the RCMP just as a matter of due process. I would be really worried if they just started ignoring threats to the PM just because they thought "this is Canada, nobody would try that here."

On a personal note I would like to see A.V. suffer a little accountability for his actions, it will make him into a better citizen.


I've read thru his blog and I've read thru these comments and I'm shocked by a good many here more so than in that sorry excuse for a blog.

AV is obviously a bright, articulate young man. He is also painfully lonely, suffering from dreadfully low self-esteem and he wants to fit in somewhere, anywhere.

Did anyone notice that there were no comments to anything he posted in his blog? His moods sould swing from bored to angry to incenced at canadian idol doing "homage" to the stones. Enough that he threatened to do himself damage. No one was worried about that? I think he may need more proffessional care than the church is able to provide.

Then I read the comments here. He's a shit. He should be locked up. He better get a good lawyer. He should shut his pie-hole. His apology is not good enough. Hopefully the americans will put him on a list (that one is nice, not). He was not spanked enough. He's spoiled. He must be a liberal over and over again, or a commie. He's a left wing moonbat. He's been searched out all over the internet looking for god knows what sort of connections. But a "profile" is being put together. And also, AV is somehow responsible for the Kyoto cash grab gods and Kyoto sxcams. He represents the intolerant left in it's full flower.

Then he is told not to be frightened by the local scary, hidden Conservatives.

Wouldn't you be?

I'm not condoning what he wrote for a minute. It was irresponsible, frightening and stupid and not the least bit funny. I don't care if it was SH or the nasty next door neighbour. Besides being very unchristian.

But the same could be said of many of the comments made here. Was the point to frighten him even more. To insult all liberals. He might belong to another party or to no party at all. I never did see it stated anywhere that he belonged to a party. Only someones elses digging up a name on a list. Could be his dad or his great aunt.

The RCMP have been called. As have CSIS, American police agencies, and Interpol.

Oh good. I shall sleep soundly tonight.

Dennis, thanks. Rant off Geo


Geo, please don't use the excuse of an over-reaction by some in order to bash Conservatives. Who are you trying to kid?


I took another look at some of his past blog posts that were cached, and I do think that this is a lonely and disturbed young man, probably a little more familiar with the jar of Nivea on his headboard than he'd like to be. Hopefully this incident will end up in him getting the help he needs and he will emerge a better citizen than this. Or he becomes even more disturbed than he is and who knows?

I'll probably piss a few catholics off here but seeing him considering the priesthood does not really surprise me, not after reading his blog.

I don't know if posting a picture was really neccesary either, but in any case as soon as I saw it it reminded me of a youtube video my kids showed me awhile back, so I went and looked it up. Striking resemblance, if it is the same guy at least he has a sense of humour..


The blogger's real name is Allen Varlaki and he is a University of Toronto student. Small wonder that he's a loonie Liberal supporter. He's hoping the RCMP are all over him.


OK, I've had some sleep now. Maybe others have too.

Dennis, I wasn't tryying to bash conservatives or trying to kid. Each comment I mentioned was from a comment above. And it scared me. These are my neighbours and my friends? All over the stupidity of a stupid kid? You are being reasonable as are a hanndful of others, calling for calm and letting it play out as it will now.

I'm not a liberal but it spooks me that all liberals are being painted as potential assassins. That's clever. Surprised there was not more bashing towards greens and dippers is all.

Why is there such a divide? This kid sure isn't the poster child for getting out the vote, that's for sure. I'l bet he's not even registered to vote.

And again, there it is. He's a UofT student, small wonder he's a loonie liberal supporter. Is that a genetic thing?


Could he be a neoDeviate Dipper who strategically votes Liberal ... all to Stop Harper ?!


Geo, I think you're worse than the people you criticize. At least they're sincere about what they're up to.

You're using this incident to bash Conservatives. How dare you.

Again, you're not fooling anyone, certainly not me.


ok, never mind then. No skin off of my nose. Maybe just reread the comments won't you? As if you had never seen them before, with as open a mind as possible. Maybe then you see what I'm seeing is all.

I didn't say one thing to bash anyone that they didn't say themselves. All I pointed out was that I didn't see where it says the kid was a liberal.

And I wasn't trying to fool anyone. What's to fool?


I've had some sleep now too.

Let's get a couple of things straight here,

#1 - Until they change the voting age to 25, he's NOT A KID. He's an adult, albeit not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but still an adult, and along with that comes expectations of adult behaviour.

#2 - This was no joke, no matter how you look at it, or what he said about it once he had to be accountable for it.


"Heck, don't most bloggers become bloggers because they think they'll be the next Ernest Hemingway? ;)"

Well, yeah...who writes a blog and doesn't hope to get some readers?

Anybody who thinks his 'blog' will only be read by a couple of imaginary friends is too stupid or uninformed to start a blog. Ditto his histrionic reaction to being Googled - every 8-year-old kid knows how to use Google and that material stays up there forever.

Someone mentioned vigilantism. This reaction isn't that. What this supercilious twit who thinks he has a higher IQ than he has did comes a lot closer.

I don't think the kid should be locked up or anything but he should be interviewed - his comments, while typical of an adolescent in some ways, are much more practised and entrenched in others.


It's strange how quickly lefties jump away from being accountable for their actions and into playing "the victim" and how they always get help (Geo) in this ignoble endeavor.

V is an adult. He's in university. He's of the generation that's been around computers since he could walk.

His threat was unambiguous and follows on the heels of another threat to the Prime Minister's life made by the would-be terrorist bombers and beheaders who were arrested in Toronto. When first challenged, the response to his critics was far from reassuring, quite nasty really. It would be completely irresponsible to ignore him as a merely misguided loudmouth in his geographic and temporal context.

On what basis does Geo defend this fool or worse? It's not his life that was threatened. Is he projecting? He has no more idea than anyone else what this miscreant actually thinks or feels or how far he'll go. Should the RCMP take Geo's "instincts" as accurate and refuse to investigate? The other commenters confined themselves to the facts that are known so far and wished nothing more than moral and legal accountability for V's acts. This does not make HIM the victim. Neither is there any equivalence between his actions and the comments so far on those actions.

His non-apology was what the left always proffers when it gets caught, (remember Kerry and his digs at the military?) It's basically, "I'm sorry that I was misunderstood by rubes too unsophisticated to get my wit unlike my friends who all think it's a smart idea in this day and age to make death threats against the Prime Minister of Canada on a public forum. Oh, and I had no idea a blog was public. That's how smart I am".

V put some thought and effort into his original comments. He clearly enjoyed making them. There are consequences for his bad judgment and hopefully he will learn something: if nothing else, how to make a proper apology, naming his own misjudgment as the problem, not someone else's understanding of plain English (with a helpful illustration yet to remove all doubt).


Well said, Tarkus & Dennis & others.

Geo, wtf? Who, in the comments, threatened him? And I mean THREATENED him?


He was googled. His name & occupation (well, sort of, since he's a student) were posted.

He was exposed as, basically, a twit.

I sincerely hope the RCMP and a few other suits-with-acronyms visit him and/or take him downtown for a chat. His blog indicates that he has few friends, is depressed and hates the PM.

Sounds like something worth investigating, not something worth DEFENDING!

Get YOUR head out of the sand.


excellent bedtime reading, thnks everyone!


This comment has been removed by the author.


Hooray for updating old entries:

If you go to his original site, it's now all about the ringtones. :)

Google cache link you gave didn't work for me, found another at


all politicians should step aside!, all governments must be brought down!,
all should stand and fight!
all of the Elite must pay for the deaths they have profited from. Stop the SPP!!!! stop the enslavery!


Whats really scary about this incident is the over reaction by the people posting here, haven't you forgot your pitchforks and torches you freaks? How dare you judge this loser. The RCMP should have better things to do.


What kind of crazy tea party is this? How could anyone read that blog and think it was a serious death threat? Welcome to the information age... your gonna read stuff out there you dont like... sorry but thats just the way it is when people express personal opinion. get over it.



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Seriously, He's a rabid, demonic Nazi who needs to be put out of Canada's misery.


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I'm not liberal, but I am full agreement with this guys statements if Harper lets Bill C-61 pass. Once they pass it, there will be no going back. Here's hoping some sociopath takes up this gauntlet.


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