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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Did Layton reveal an environmental concession?

Although this article appears to be about an environmental concession that the Tories are contemplating, the following excerpt from the piece might reveal a concession that Jack is willing to make, too:

“Mr. Layton pointed out to me that (Clean Development Mechanism projects) were very different from international trading, that there’s a public policy good (such as) different agricultural practices and soil sinks in Africa that could yield more food,” Baird said after appearing at the committee. “We said we’d look at it. We haven’t made any decision yet. When we do, we’ll let you know. We’re in a minority Parliament. We’re listening to suggestions we get from all over.”
If Baird's characterization is accurate, it kind of sounds like to me that Jack Layton is trying to sell the government on one kind of international spending on the environment by differentiating it from the other kind: carbon trading.

In other words, Environment Minister Baird might have just told us that NDP leader Jack Layton recognizes the problems with international carbon trading and is tyring to work towards alternative measures. While The Tories are inching their way towards Kyoto, the NDP might be inching their way from it. I guess if you're going to make a deal, both sides need to compromise, don't they?

For those of us who think that a Tory-NDP deal on the environment is in the works, I think we just received yet another clue that we're not crazy. Or maybe I'm just crazier than ever. We'll see.

In Harper's speeches prior to the budget, he had a line about "Canada is no longer a country that will back out of agreements" or words to that effect.

His line will be "we are stuck with it as a previous gov't signed it" so spending on something that will feed starving Africans would be a compromise he could probably sell, especially if he says "as we try to renegotiate our Kyoto targets" as a tagline.


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