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Saturday, March 24, 2007


Dion is a slave of his own party

This is just something that came to me as I read this editorial on Dion's hypocritical and childish requests for apologies every week. To me, he seems like a leader who is reflecting the sentiment within his caucus, instead of setting the tone himself.

It's just another reason why I don't think that the Liberal party is anywhere near capable of a disciplined, targeted, and well executed election campaign message. And it's also a reason why I think Harper is ready to pull the plug soon.

I should also note that Dion's promise to take the high road will almost certainly backfire on him, especially if we have an election soon. Not only do you need to play hardball sometimes, but I believe that the current Liberal party is incapable of doing anything else. They don't know what they stand for, except the acquisition of power, and need to paint Harper as a monster in order to win elections. It's what they do.

Perhaps more importantly, I don't think that Dion has the leadership to do things differently. He is a slave of his own party, and I think Harper has capitalized on that fact from the outset.

I agree with you on most of what you wrote, but harken back to the end of Paul's days. He thought it would be easy to crush the CPC with the Big Red Machine. But Harper had been laying low and came out with (probably) the best executed campaign in living memory.

What's to say the Grits aren't scheming away in the background? After all, can they all be as stupid as Dion?


How can the Liberals execute a good election campaign with a stupid leader?

btw, I don't think he's stupid. I just think:

a) He's not the kind of leader you choose to win a quick election.

b) He may not have leadership ability period.

It doesn't mean he's stupid. It just means he might not have the formidable set of skills needed to be a successful national party leader.


I would argue that he is probably too intelligent. That can get you far in academia, but only so far in real life. He has admitted his wife dresses him in a Globe and Mail interview, absent-minded proffessor may be cliche but it is also sometimes true.


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