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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Folks, we're having an election

Item #1: Get a load of how Prime Minister Stephen Harper finishes his answer to a question posed to him by the leader of the opposition during question period today:

As a bonus, as I stopped the clip on my screen, this image of Dion stared right back at me and perhaps best captures the Liberal leader's plight at this time:

Item #2: Get a load of how, despite suggesting he isn't revealing any secrets, the top Conservative operative on the blogosphere tips his hand on what's to come in a soon-to-come election campaign:

The budget will be a fundamental plank in how this government will seek to define itself to the Canadian electorate. I'm looking for a particularly strong focus on the law and order agenda and believe that if we are to face an election call in the next couple of months, an election will be precipitated on the stark differences between the Conservatives and opposition on this file.
By the way, I've been saying the same thing and I haven't had the help of any boot camps to guide my analysis either.

There are so many other reasons why I think we're going to have an election before the summer. However, it's Conservatives themselves who are giving us all the clues we need in order to predict that a campaign will happen sooner rather than later. Cheers.

Just curious, all your posts are pro-Conservative, anti-Liberal, anti-NDP and anti-Green so why are you a member of a Non-partisan blog roll?


Because I come to my opinions independently, not because I'm affiliated with any one party. I'm conservative, not Conservative. I think there are plenty of voices out there that aren't. Since I try to "stem the tide of conventional wisdom", I try to balance things out with a conservative voice. If you think I'm wrong on any point, say so.

Right now, I'll take Harper over the Liberals any day. And I'll debate with anyone using the facts to justify my views. Thanks.


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