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Thursday, March 08, 2007


How dare you attack Stephane Dion?

Dion is suing one of his political rivals

(A big tip of the hat to National Newswatch)

I'm not quite sure what to make of this. Stephane Dion has been suing one of the leaders of the other parties, Gilles Duceppe. Oh boy.

In some ways, I suppose this isn't surprising. Dion's image of himself in terms of personal qualities and track record has almost become like a religion. So, when others attack such firmly held beliefs about yourself, I guess you feel a need to attack back.

I suppose it didn't occur to Dion that men of character don't always feel a need to attack back, especially with lawsuits.

Not only that, but this probably only serves to remind people of the sponsorship scandal. Given that it won't be resolved until at least 2008, what else can Dion hope to achieve with this?

Does there appear to be some merit in this lawsuit? Yes. But this is politics, not the Paris fencing club.

It's as though Dion is taking himself and his image of himself far too seriously.

I could maybe understand it if some political benefits were to come from an early resolution to the lawsuit. But 2008? Dion's name won't be cleared before that. So, what's the point, other than to tell Canadians that you can't win your battles in the arena of politics?

Does this make Stephane Dion look like a strong political leader? Why can't he combat this stuff with words rather than lawyers?

And this at a time when everyone is questioning whether or not he has the royal jelly.

Oh boy.

He doesn't have the royal jelly, by a long shot. But, where is he these days? Invisible on his cross-country tour?


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