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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Lies and mediocrity don't cut it in politics

If you ever watch the McGuinty government in Ontario, and get the impression that they remind you of another governing party in this country, then you're not alone. This lottery scandal is being dealt with in the exact same way other scandals have been dealt with by certain Liberals at the federal level. And it should be no surprise, since the advice both got are from some of the same people.

One of those people, Warren Kinsella, likes to talk of the Ontario Liberals as though they're the political version of the Beatles, so popular and dominant they seem to be — at least to Kinsella.

Providing mediocre government and sitting on scandals may have worked when you had four parties in opposition, including two battling each other in Ontario. That's what Prime Minister Chretien had to deal with. Will it work now in Ontario for Premier McGuinty? I wouldn't count on it.

Quebecers just chewed up and spat out Premier Jean Charest for being dishonest and not delivering on promises. Given that McGuinty's record on that score is worse than any politician in memory, it might not be pretty when Ontarians are through putting their own government through the ringer of truth called an election campaign.

As always, should be fun.

Well said. On October 10th, Ontarians should deal Liar McGuinty a humbling lesson. And cut off the public teat again to the reality-challenged Kinse**a.


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