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Saturday, March 17, 2007


Oh precious leader

Here's another one for the "Where in the world do they get this stuff?" file. It's taken from today's Lawrence Martin piece written in the Globe and Mail :

While Mr. Dion is hardly a candidate for a charisma award, his indestructible integrity is a great plus for the party.
Indestructible integrity? Oh brother.

Sometimes liberals act as though they're in one great big cult worshipping their precious and "indestructible" leader. How else to explain such blind and laughable nonsense?

It's standard political propaganda from the Liberal MSM doing their job boosting 'indestructible' Dion who needs all the help he can get to survive the next several months if not weeks.

Of course this also sounds like a eulogy to commemorate the Liberal's newly-minted soon-to-be-booted leader .... and all he will have left is his 'integrity'.


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