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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


PM says Liberals care more about Taliban prisoners

Well, I don't know how this comment will play out, but this is one person who is glad that the prime minister came out and said it.

I watched question period the other day, and it was non-stop about the rights of prisoners caught in battle. I have never seen such concern for people fighting our soldiers in war.

Let's be clear about what this is all about. I highly doubt Canadians care if some Taliban prisoners might be roughed up when taken into custody. Some of them have killed our boys and girls over there. That there would be some minor payback is human nature. It's not the way that prisoners should be dealt with. But, let's face it, it's going to happen. It is war.

What this is about is politicians trying to paint our efforts in Afghanistan as something akin to Iraq, Abu Ghraib, and Guantanamo Bay. That's why the opposition is asking so many questions about this in Parliament. And that's why I'm glad our prime minister stood up and started exposing these politicians and what they're up to. Good job.

You're a moron. Canadian soldiers have rights and they are rigorously defended by the Canadian state.

Our simpleton of a Prime Ministers gets all confused and embarrasses Canadian soldiers in Parliament with his childish behaviour.

And you applaud him. Way to go.


Let's see, a prime minister who makes me proud of soldiers fighting the good fight in Afghanistan, vs. an anonymous poster who calls me a moron. Gee, I wonder which argument I find more compelling.

Are you proud of our soldiers over there? Do you think they're fighting the good fight? Or are you more concerned with how Taliban soldiers are treated?


I would argue that the moron is Anonymous. Yes, that brave soul that can't even think of a psuedonym.

Check out the CTV blogpost comments.

Anonymous is in the minority, and he/she knows it.

Funny how that works, in the real world, isn't it?


I watched a clip from Mike Duffy Live yesterday where he had on CTV's Robert Fife and the Toronto Star's Tonda Maccharles. All three condemned Harper for the remarks. Even David Akin later reported that it showed a "mean streak" in Stephen Harper.

So, let me get this straight. You can be accused of hating human rights in this country because you're against radical gay marriage. You can be accused of selling out to the Americans simply because you're conservative. But you can't be accused of bending over backwards for Taliban prisoners — well, because you're liberal. I guess that's how it works in this country.

Furthermore, Tonda had the audacity to claim that Harper exposes himself as being out of the mainstream because of these remarks. Just who in the world appoints these people to determine what is and what isn't mainstream?

I watched question period when attack after attack was made regarding prisoner's rights. When I heard Harper say what he said, I cheered. And so did Canadian soldiers in the gallery, from what I understand.

We can't possibly be out of the mainstream in being alarmed at the extent to which the leftist opposition is screaming over prisoner's rights, presumably because they want to paint a picture of Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo (which I think leftists shamelessly attack, too.)

I'm glad Harper said it. I'm glad he's putting Dion and others on the defensive over this. I'm sure many other Canadians feel this way. I just wish our media was a little bit more like us on this, too.


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