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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Quebec election update. No, it's not a poll.

Always watch the actions of political leaders during election campaigns. They tell you more about what's going on than any media poll does.

In the case of the current provincial election in Quebec, while PQ leader Andre Boisclair is getting emotional over homosexuality, both Liberal leader Jean Charest and ADQ leader Mario Dumont are ignoring Boisclair and, instead, taking potshots at one another.

That is as good a picture of what's going on in the campaign as you're going to get.

I should also add that Dumont calling Charest a liar might be a sign of things to come. While I think there's ample justification to call Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty one, not sure if it's ever called for otherwise.

Charest is an old pro. Doesn't look like Dumont is. Stay tuned.

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