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Saturday, March 24, 2007


The road map to a federal election in Canada

John Ivison of the National Post pretty much sums up what I think will be the road map to a federal election before the summer.

The polls are good. The opposition leader is not so good. The environment will be taken off the table with a new plan. The Tories will be defeated on the issue of safety and security, which the government will try to make into a referendum on Stephane Dion's leadership. Textbook.

The one major dynamic I believe Ivison leaves out is a deal with the NDP on the Clean Air Act. Nothing should frighten Liberals more than the prospect that the environment is a fait accompli going into the next election, and that the NDP is the only left-of-centre party that can claim any credit for getting things done on an issue of such important to Canadians.

Ivison advises us to stock up on the popcorn in anticipation of the show. Will do. And pass me some when it all starts.

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