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Wednesday, March 21, 2007



Well, it looks like we might have a race to determine upon which issue the government might fall: security or the environment.

I still believe that the NDP will make a deal with the Tories on the environment. This will allow the New Democrats to to claim that they're getting things done on global warming and pollution versus the decade of inaction we got on both from the Liberals.

However, as much as I'm championing the theory that we're going to have an election before summer, I'm also holding out for the possibility that the government is using the law and order issue to force the opposition into submission.

I still don't think you go to all this trouble to bluff your opponent. I also don't think you let pass the winning conditions as they exist for the Tories right now.

Should be fun.

The "fixed-date elections" legislation is C-16 which has been sitting in the Senate since Nov 6/06. Harper could decide tomorrow that "Canadians have had enough of this BS" and call an election. I hope he does. He's got more than enough ammunition.

For a (nearly) complete list of what the Liberals have stalled in the House and the Senate, which gives considerable impetus to the PM calling an election, look here:


I think Harper will only call an election if he's voted down on a matter of confidence. I think he wants that issue to be crime and security — or at least he's bluffing in that direction — and the Liberals and Greens want it to be on the environment.


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